What is ace

As a globally oriented aluminium technology outsourcing company Aluminium Consulting Engineers “ACE” will …..

  • Provide know-how and technical services for plant modernization projects designed to significantly improve profitability through cost reduction and revenue enhancement.
  • Audit plant operations, maintenance and environmental controls to ensure internal and regulatory compliance.
  • Provide technical support to engineering companies executing EPCM and feasibility contracts.
  • Carry out due diligence work for prospective lenders and investors.

ACE is a globally responsive technology outsourcing company for the aluminium industry with flexibility to establish outsourcing centers in other parts of the world on as needed basis


The primary focus of ACE is to support independent, non-integrated aluminium producers that are flexible and open to outside support and ideas for improving their profitably and thereby assuring their survival in a very difficult business environment


The combined professional experience of ACE experts and affiliates represents deep technical knowledge covering all stages of the aluminium manufacturing process.